Storm pen is an easy to use, small but powerfull vaporizer with a discrete design and 5 temperature settings.

Storm pen vaporizer

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The Storm pen vaporizer is a small and powerful, high quality vaporizer suitable for beginners as well as experienced users. Discreet and very easy to use, its one-button operation allows you to choose from 5 temperature settings between 180 and 220 Celsius. Storm's stainless steel body is strong and sleek, featuring a ceramic chamber, food-grade rubber mouthpiece and stainless steel screens. Storm heats up in around a minute, and has a 5 minute auto-shut-off feature to preserve battery life.

Storm's air path is isolated from its electronics to give you a pure, incredibly tasty vapour.

    Suitable for herbs and oil
    Heat-up time 0 - 1 minute.
    Adjustable temperature

    Storm pen vaporizer
    Steel wax chamber
    Storm battery
    USB charging cable
    Mains adapter
    Cleaning brush
    Packing tool
    User manual
    One year factory warranty

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