The PUFFiT 2 is a small and very discreet vaporizer, with a thermal alloy heat chamber. Suitable for dry herbs and concentrates.

PUFFiT 2 vaporizer

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The PUFFiT 2 is the smallest and most discreet PUFFiT model yet! Vibrating haptic feedback: No more watching distracting LED's, just wait for the vibration alert. Innovative redesign using advanced thermal alloy for the heat chamber.

    Suitable for dry herbs, concentrates or oils.
    Heat-up time 0 - 1 minute.

Contents of kit:
    PUFFiT 2 portable vaporizer
    USB charger
    Wall charger
    Silicone heat shield
    Concentrate screen
    4 Replacement screens
    Packing tool

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