This Dr. Dabber Aura is a magnetic vaporizer pen with variable voltage and temperature settings.

Dr. Dabber Aura Pen vaporizer

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The Dr. Dabber Aura Pen is a variable voltage, magnetic vaporizer pen designed with the user in mind. Fully magnetic connections makes for a seamless user experience, three carefully calibrated heat settings allows you freedom to experiment, while three unique atomizers are included to expand your range.

Sleek design, discreet satin finish keeps things low key.

    Suitable for concentrates or wax.

    Dr. Dabber Aura vaporizer pen
    Magnetic USB charger
    Loading tool
    Quartz on Quartz Magnetic Atomizer
    Ceramic on Quartz Magnetic Atomizer
    Ceramic Halo on Quartz Magnetic Atomizer
    Silicone Storage Container

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