Alivi8 V² is a small, portable herb vaporizer with an internal 'maze' filtration system. Available in any colour of the rainbow!

Alivi8 V² vaporizer

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The Alivi8 V² is a portable, stainless steel pipe vaporizer measuring just 100 mm x 18 mm. It’s heated by flame and made of cool-to-the-touch and extremely durable medical grade stainless steel. It operates much in the same way as for example the VaporGenie in that you use a separate lighter to heat the end of the pipe while you inhale from the mouth end.

Alivi8 V² uses unique internal ‘maze’ filtration system which cools the vapour for a smooth experience.

    100 mm x 18 mm, 120 g.
    Suitable for herbs.
    Heat-up time 0 - 1 minute.

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