This 4-piece SharpStone grinder has a stainless steel pollen screen.

Grinder SharpStone 4-piece

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This 4-piece SharpStone grinder ranks are among the top grinders available, with a perfect balance between quality and price. The stainless steel pollen screen stops everything but the finest pollen from reaching the bottom compartment. Extra strong Neodymium magnets make sure the grinder stays closed during grinding and transport. With a few quick twists you'll have your herb just the way you want it.

The diamond-shaped blades cut herbs with maximum efficiency, even after years of regular use.

Available in a medium (5.5 cm) and large (6.5 cm) version.

   Razor sharp
   Neodymium magnets
   Stainless steel catcher
   Pollen scraper
   Protective pouch

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