Weed Star Big Easy 2.0 double wall showerhead perc glass bong.

Weed Star - Big Easy 2.0 bong

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Kick back with Big Easy 2.0 glass bong from Weed Star! With a curvy hourglass shape that feels just right in your hand, this bong is made of quality borosilicate glass and features an ergonomically curved stem for a laid-back, easy toke.

Its stemless design with 29.2mm joint features a built-in slitted showerhead percolator, that acts as a diffused downstem. It breaks up the smoke into loads into loads of bubbly goodness for a silky smooth toke. This set-up comes complete with a green 29.2 >18.8mm reduction adapter and a 18.8mm clear glass slide bowl. The Weed Star WS-Line logo is applied on the main chamber and designer Ziggi Jackson's signature appears on its wide, stable round foot.

Big Easy 2.0 curvy glass percolator bong by Weed Star.

Technical features:
        Quality borosilicate glass construction
        Wide, stable round foot and curved body
        Bent mouthpiece
        Built-in slitted showerhead percolator
        29.2mm > 18.8 mm green glass joint reduction adapter
        Clear glass 18.8 mm slide bowl
        WS Series label and Ziggi Jackson signature
        No carb hole
        Producer:  Weed Star Glass
        Colour:  clear and green        
        Height:  33 cm / 13 inches
        Glass:  5 mm
        Diameter:  125 mm / 88 mm / 38 mm mouthpiece
        Joint Size:  29.2 mm > 18.8 mm