Quartz glass honey pot vapor dome with male joint 18.8 mm.

Quartz Glass Honey Pot dome

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This Quartz Glass Honey Pot vapor dome is a real must have if you enjoy smoking concentrates and essential oil. It is made from quality quartz glass for ultimate heat resistance and extreme durability. It features a revolutionary new design that consist out of a rotating mechanism. This mechanism allows you to remove the honey pot shaped nail out of the bowl and back in again after heating it without burning your fingers.

The honey pot nail of this vapor bowl is slitted for a better airflow, which will result in a smoother toke. The nail is completely removable, which makes it very easy to clean after use. It is equipped with a 18.8mm male joint and will fit all bongs and rigs with a 18.8mm female joint.

Quartz vapor dome with rotating mechanism.

Technical features:
        Made from quality quartz glass
        Slitted nail for better airflow
        Easy to clean
        18.8 mm male joint
        Fits all 18.8 mm female joints
        Colour:  clear
        Height:  7.5 cm / 3 inches
        Joint Size:  18.8 mm