The O.penVAPE Fill It Yourself vaporizer kit comes with mixing tools and everything you need to create your own oil solutions easily.

O.penVAPE - Fill It Yourself vaporizer kit

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With the O.penVAPE Fill-It-Yourself Vaporizer Kit you're in control to create your own workable oil solution to load into your O.penVAPE portable vaporizer. This product is intended for use with essential oils and herbal extracts. The O.penVAPE FIY Kit does not come with pre-filled cartridges. Mixing/filling tools and one bottle of 5 ml O.juice is enough for 10 cartridge refills.

    Suitable for concentrates or wax.

Contents of F.I.Y. kit:
    O.penVAPE Fill It Yourself vaporizer
    0.5 ml of O.juice & Honey Pot mixing bowl
    Honey pot & syringe fill tool
    Empty 0.5 ml cartridge
    USB charger
    O.penVAPE battery
    Honey pot lid storage
    O.penVAPE lanyard carry

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