HipVap is a stylish portable vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates.

HipVap vaporizer

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HipVap is a very stylish and sophisticated portable vaporizer with precise custom temperature control, suitable for dry herbs and concentrates. HipVap's LED screen tells you the temperature in real time, while the backlit power button displays its status.

Powered by two strong 1700 mWh, 2.3 V Lithium-Ion batteries, the HipVap can withstand 2.5 hours of continuous use and can rocket up to 380 degrees in 60 seconds.

    HipVap vaporizer
    2 pods
    8 oil wicks
    3 screens
    2 extra mouthpieces
    long mouthpiece/water tool attachment (14mm)
    HipVap mixing and cleaning tool, pipe cleaners
    2 smell-proof bags
    Instruction booklet & product video

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