Hammer Pro is a compact, handheld vaporizer running on butane gas. Designed to give you a very quick and discrete smoke.

Hammer Pro vaporizer

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The Hammer Pro vaporizer gives you a discreet, quick experience by delivering a strong vapour within 90 seconds. Handheld, compact and pocketable, the Hammer runs on butane and can be refilled in seconds. Air passes directly through a stainless steel heat exchanger and then through a borosilicate glass tube. The vapour stays pure, with no butane exhaust.

The small, single serving bowl helps you conserve your substance or oil.

    Suitable for herbs and oil
    Heat-up time 1 - 2 minutes

    Hammer Pro vaporizer
    2 Lock-On Stems
    2 Screens
    'The Nail' poking tool
    Toolbox carrying case

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