Flowermate V5.0 is an advanced pocket-sized herb vaporizer with self-regulating temperature control.

Flowermate V5.0 vaporizer

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Flowermate V 5.0 is an advanced pocket-size herb vaporizer with self-regulating temperature control to give you a perfect smoke. Powered by two 2600mAh Li-ion rechargeable batteries, the ceramic heating chamber ensures an exceptional vaporization anywhere you go. This vaporizer comes with 3 pre-configured temperature settings: 196°C (385°F), 204°C (400°F) and 213°C (415°F).

This new Flowermate version comes with a glass stem and features a more discreet logo.

    Flowermate vaporizer
    Glass mouthpiece
    Charger with EU power plug
    Cleaning tool
    Packing tool
    User manual

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