Dabbie Portable E-nail operates with a fast titanium nail, reaching dabbing temperature in just 20 seconds. A spill proof bubbler is integrated. 

Dabbie Portable E-nail vaporizer

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Dabbie Portable E-nail is a portable e-nail and bubbler, designed to deliver powerful dabs of extracts and vapour oils in seconds, wherever you are. Dabbie employs a grade 2 titanium nail which is heated in 20 seconds to a dabbing temperature of 304°C (580°F). The nail is heated by a ceramic heat rod, and the nail surround at top of the device is made from a high-temperature safe Teflon. This vaporizer does not vaporize herbs, it's designed for concentrates or wax only.

Included is an ingenious glass spill-proof bubbler with integrated dome for a fully satisfying dabbing experience.

    Suitable for concentrates or wax.
    Heat-up time 0 - 1 minute.

    Dabbie portable e-nail
    Magnetic stainless steel carb cap with removable dabber tool
    Grade 2 titanium nails x 2
    Spill-proof glass bubbler tube
    Lithium ion battery
    USB charging cable
    Magnetic stand
    Flight case

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